Journal of WEI Business and Economics

ISSN 2166-7918 (Online) USA
Vol 3, No 2 (August 2014)

Table of Contents


Japanese’s Interest to Participate in Agro-Tourism in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand PDF
Pichayalak Pichayakul 1-16
The Relationship Between Organizational Learning And Financial Performance: A Study Of Small-Sized Businesses In Turkey PDF
Metin Kaplan, Adem Öğüt, D. Mehmet Biçkes, Aslı Kaplan  17-24
Generating Solutions For Rural Development Through ICT In India PDF
Mukesh Ranga, Priyanka Pradhan  25-32
An Empirical Study Of The Relationship Between Career Program And Employee Outcomes PDF
Lokhman Hakim Osman, Azman Ismail, Wan Aishah Wan Mohd Nowalid, Nurrul Hayati Adnan  33-40


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