Editorial Policy

Aim and Scope

The Journal of WEI Business and Economics (JWEIBE) articles in all areas of business and economics research.Both theoretical and applied manuscripts will be considered for publication; however, theoretical manuscripts must provide a clear link to important and interesting business and economics applications.  Using a wide range of research methods including statistical analysis, analytical work, case studies, field research, and historical analysis, articles examine significant applied business and economics research questions from a broad range of perspectives.  The intention of JWEIBE is to publish papers that significantly contribute to these fields.JWEIBE is an open access journal that is essential reading for academic researchers and business professionals.  Articles may include but are not limited to the fields of economics, business, accounting, business law,  ethics, finance, management, marketing, human resources, and related fields

Review Process

Articles submitted to the West East Institute for possible journal publication are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process.

All articles are initially reviewed by the editor to ensure suitability for review. Articles deemed ready for review are then forwarded to two outside reviewers on the basis of their field of expertise. The name of the author is removed from the manuscript prior to its being sent out for review, and referee names are not revealed to authors to maximize objectivity in evaluating the article. Acceptance/rejection decision for publication is given after the evaluation of the reviewers who are either the member of the editorial board or ad-hoc reviewers. They are responsible for assessing the quality, content and contribution of the submission.

Articles deemed not suitable for further review or inappropriate are rejected. Based on the refereeing process, the editor has the final authority for the acceptance or rejection decision of any article.

The review process is completed within three weeks for expedited reviews and within eight  weeks for standard reviews.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of WEI Business and Economics (JWEIBE) is published three times a year in Spring(April), Summer(August), Winter(December)

Acceptance Rate

The overall acceptance rate for the Journal of WEI Business and Economics  is 25% to 35%.

Copyright and Code of Publication Ethics

The West East Institute and its editors are committed to objective and fair double-blind peer-review of submitted manuscripts for journal publication and conference presentation and will evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy. An article submitted to Journal of WEI Business and Economics for publication must be original, has not been plagiarized, and not under review for any other journals. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently is unethical and unacceptable.  When an article is published by the Journal of WEI Business and Economics, it becomes the property of the Journal

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